The factory Campo Bajada del Radal from Patagonia to France

A peaceful place in the middle of nature

This wild and barren land is a treasure of unique natural beauty. This region surprises with its impressive nature and endless scenery. Patagonia has tremendous natural resources, rich ingredients for natural skin care products.

From Patagonia to France

Patagonia’s incredible quality of soil and air give our rosehip plants an extraordinary character that carries through all our products. Our products are 100% Made in France and benefit from the excellence of French savoir-faire in cosmetics formulation.

La Patagonie est le pays d'origine d'Azucena Pagny et aussi de la rosa mosqueta.
Établissement de production des produits naturels Rosazucena

A peaceful environmen

The rosehip (Rosa Mosqueta) oil factory is ideally situated in a calm and peaceful environment in the middle of nature.

No fertilizers

No fertilizers are used, and there is no human intervention until harvest, which begins mid-autumn. These are ideal conditions for the rosehip plant/Rosa Mosqueta to grow and flourish.

Cueillette de la rosa mosqueta
Les fruits de la rosa mosqueta sont récoltés et triés à la main.


In the heart of the campo, the fruit of the plant is hand-picked. When the batches of fruits arrive at the factory, they are sorted by hand, dried, and then put into a machine to separate the seeds from the surrounding fruit pulp.

First cold pressure

To extract the oil from the seeds, they are gently cold-pressed at room temperature. This type of extraction allows us to retain the natural qualities and virtues of the oil (vitamins, tocopherols, essential fatty acids, pigments, etc.) and its flavor.

Récupération de l'huile pur de rosa mosqueta par pression à froid.
Récupération de l'huile pur de rosa mosqueta par pression à froid.

Enriched by vitamin E

After filtering, the cold-pressed oil is enriched with vitamin E to ensure natural conservation. The rest of the fruit is crushed and can be used for making rosehip tea with a delicate floral flavor, or a delicious jam.