Alt COSMETICS AND WELLNESS Natural beauty from Patagonia With a passion for plants, natural cosmetics and wellness, Azucena created the brand Rosazucena to share the virtues of the rosehip flower. Alt NATURALS & BIO INGREDIENTS Pure rosehip oil Pure rosehip oil is often referred to as the most powerful natural skin regeneration product. 100% of the ingredients in this product are of natural origin, and 99.8% of these are derived from Organic Farming. Alt A PEACEFUL PLACE IN THE MIDDLE OF NATURE The Factory Campo Bajada Del Radal, from Patagonia to France Patagonia’s incredible quality of soil and air give our ingredients an extraordinary character. Alt BIEN-ÊTRE The Rosehip tea, a healthy way to start your day, 100% natural and rich in vitamin C.. Rosehip tea is known for its unique ability to boost the immune system. Alt RITUELS BIEN-ÊTRE Azucena’s Beauty & Wellness routines Discover her beauty secrets for youthful skin and healthy hair. 
la rosa mosqueta

The rosehip/ The rosa mosqueta

A wild plant whose fruits have marvelous virtues...

Cosmetics and wellness

Rosehip oil, the key ingredient present in all our products, is rich in antioxidants and contains fatty acids essential to our bodies that provide a variety of benefits for the skin.

Azucena Pagny créatrice de la marque de cosmétiques biologiques et naturels Rosazucena

It is on her land at the foot of the Andes Mountains that Azucena discovered the rosehip plant/rosa mosqueta, and for the last 10 years she has been sharing its “thousand virtues.”