Our organic products from Patagonia - Rosazucena

What if beauty was natural?

La rosa musqueta est l'ingredient maitre des cosmetiques Rosazucena

The Rosa Mosqueta (The Rosehip)

It's a variety of rosary belonging to the section Caninae, a shrub which forms a dense bush whose foliage gives out a strong apple scent.

The fruit of the Rosa Mosqueta (the Cynorrhodons)

The Rosehip is especially appreciated for its fruits ( the Cynorrhodons) who are formed after the flowers. It's from the seeds of these fruits, very rich in vitamin C, that the Rosehip oil is extracted.

Le Cynorrhodron ingrédient naturel fait partie des éléments qui composent les produits cométiques de la gamme Rosazucena

L'huile pure de la rosa mosqueta complète la gamme de produits cosmétiques avec ses vertus hydratant et protecteur.

The Rosazucena's Rosehip oil

Extracted by cold press, the Rosazucena's Rosehip oil is of an extreme purity and contains no added chemicals. It's an unrefined product, whence its orangy color and its specific smell. The product is naturally rich in antioxydants like vitamin E, K, and A (beta-carotene). It also contains essential fatty acids, indispensable to our organism : linolenic acid (omega 3), linolenic acid (omega 6), oleic acid (omega 9). These nutrients and these vitamins preserve skin beauty by providing a deep moisturizing  and a protection against free radicals, these molecules responsible for skin aging.


It's used since Aztec period for its many benefits, especially in pharmacology and food sector. Agave possess a high fermentable sugar content. The concentrate of Agave's complex sugars acts as much on the touch ( the cream's silky texture) as on the natural anti-aging effect.

L'agave est un des ingrédients naturels utilisés dans la fabrication des produits cométiques de la gamme Rosazucena

L'Aloe Vera est un ingrédient naturel utilisé dans la composition des produits cométiques de la gamme Rosazucena

Aloe Vera

The Maya's 'miracle' plant.

LAloe Vera stimulate the immune system, and acts as an antibiotic and as an anti-inflammatory. It favorise the elimination of toxins and healing. Due to its regenerative, moisturizing and revitalizing functions, Aloe Vera fights actively against skin aging and also against burns. This plant abounds in vitamins, mainly vitamins A, E as well as those of the B group...

Tomato Extract

L’By reacting on the mechanism of skin tone pigmentation, the oily tomato extract has anti-aging properties and helps to even out skin tone. It filters out a part of sunbeams and limits the radical effects bound to the sun exposure. A totally natural sun protection for 'My Day Cream'.

La tomate est un des ingrédients naturels utilisés dans la fabrication des produits cométiques de la gamme Rosazucena

Poria est un champignon naturel utilisé comme ingrédient dans la fabrication des produits cométiques de la gamme Rosazucena


The powder extracted from this fungus acts on the skin structure by densifying the cellular tissue, activate the synthesis of the collagen during rest, tone up and soothes irritated skin.