Azucena Pagny fondatrice de la marque de cosmetique naturel et bien-être Rosazucena

Azucena PAGNY

Azucena PAGNY has grown up in Patagonia (Argentina), a region far away from the industrial turmoil where Nature has kept all its splendor. It's in this region, to the environment protected from the pollution, that this globetrotter come to revitilise herself and find well-being and healthy life. Aware of this priceless treasure's fragility, the Nature protection has become her lifestyle..

Paysage de Patagonie, lieu d'origine des produits de beauté naturels de la gamme Rosazucena
Azucena Pagny, créatrice de la gamme de produits cométiques naturels Rosazucena

Natural and Organic

After a modeling career and passionate about cosmetic, Azucena has created her own beauty products heading toward naturalness and Organic farming.

It's on her lands, at the foot of the Andean Mountains, that Azucena discovered the Rosa Mosqueta and it's with you that she shares for 5 years the 'thousand virtues' of this plant.